KA2 – Project Laboratory

Environmental protection

  • Results: Campaigns, videos
  • Schools to reach the kids
  • Create a website to bring all the actions and dissemination
  • Events about sustainability (raise awareness)
  • Guide manual
  • Good practices of each country

Digital environmental world app

  • App about the environmental situation of the areas:
    • Inform about the challenges in your community
    • Inform about the ways you can contribute
    • Inform about the animals endangered
    • Cost around 20.000€
  • Management for the project:
    • Research in each country to see the state of art of the project.
    • Exchange of good practices
    • Multiplier events in each country to share the results

Sustainability made atractive

  • Research about the realities in each area of the partners. Including challenges and best practices too.
  • Gaming to motivate youth by developing a GEOCATCHING TRAIL about sustainability
  • Testing the games of geocatching in local events
  • Involvement of the local authorities to improve the project impact and to raise the awareness of sustainability
  • Dissemination events for the community to promote the results and to present a final video that will be used for the future events.

Sustainability in classroom and good practices

  • Formal education project in schools
  • Goals: improvement of sustainability in the schools, developing partnerships for other projects and good practices collection from the schools to be shared with other partners of Europe.
  • Activities: extracurricular activities, lectures by experts, podcasts and others.