Future project ideas – Brainstorming

Poland: Project about CULTURES of a youth participation project including an initial research about the different cultures we have in our culture and then also the history and then we can develop proposals for cultural policies and activities in the youth centers and schools using games and quizzes. Posibility of international project with 5 countries that would cross the information they find about the different countries.

Portugal: GENDER equality, using dancing and flash mob to represent how they feel about their identities. 4 or 5 different countries.

Croatia: With the topic of EDUCATION using methods like MUSIC, DANCE AND SPORTS. It would be a youth exchange (on a first step at a national level and then international).

France: Youth exchange about CONCIOUS HEALTH, SPORT AND MUSIC: THE WALKING CHOIR. It’s about having a «walking» activity (10-20km) per day and when they arrive they will be performing a musical event for the local community. 3 countries involved with a group of 18 aprox total.

Italy: THE STREET BELONGS TO US. Youth aged 15-17 have «disapeared» from the streets because the city is not welcoming them with spaces. The idea is to create spaces for this kids and help them take the street again with cinema, arts, etc…

Germany: HEALTH ENVIRONMENT AND CULTURE. Cooking food in a youth exchange where youth can learn and share their national recipies and visits to local markets. Seasonal cooking and workshops including reflections about sustainability.

Portugal: SEXUALITY AND CINEMA. KA2 Creating a movie with a critical view to the sexuality shown on movies and sexual education. Ages 13-18.

Germany: FINANCIAL LITERACY through games. Getting to know the markets, the financial, taxing, etc. Could be a youth exchange or a KA2.

Spain: E-SPORTS promotion in a Youth exchange.

Spain: Youth exchange about VALUES using WRESTLING as a combination of sport, storytelling.

Croatia: Youth exchange with the topic of CULTURES to celebrate with music and dances. 18-25 years old. 10days long with workshops about dancing and playing traditional music. 5-6 countries.

Portugal: with the topic of INCLUSION and the richness of the different countries.

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