Second Youth participation meeting in AGRES

On the 17th of September, a new meeting with the youth from Agres and the neighbor villages took place. This time a total of 25 youth and 2 decision makers participated in the meeting where we had the opportunity of listening to the experiences of the people who had participated in the summer in different activities and also we had the presentation of the results of the project «Corresponsals d’EU».

This meeting was the perfect time to speak and plan the new actions that will take place in this new school-year 2022-2023 and to launch the new campaign of «Corresponsals d’EU».

The activity consists of training a group of teenagers and youth for them to be ready to share all these opportunities among the other youth, and in this way, to use the power of the peer-to-peer communication. Our «grant» includes the training and a scholarship of 200€ for each participant.

During the meeting, we have also discussed about the proposals made in the previous meeting and the new ideas they all had.