During the year 2022, our strategy consists of:

  • Youth exchange: developed in Moraira in summer-holidays (31-7/August/2022) with groups from Hungary and Turkey (and Spain), with youth aged 18-26. (See the link here)
  • Youth workers mobility – PBA&Training: developed in Piles (Spain), from the 30th of July until the 6th of August 2023 where 22 youth workers form 10 different countries, from 16 different organisations, gathered to speak about Transformation and leadership in rural areas and to establish new partnerships for the future. (see more here)
  • Youth participation activities (see all of them here) – Event 1: developed in Agres, during the 30th June 2022, where youth from Agres and neighbour villages have been debating and working and planning future actions.