Here you can see the links to the dissemination of the project made by the partners https://ugng.hr/erasmus-projekt-exchange-of-sings/ https://www.facebook.com/UdrugaGluhihINagluhihNovaGradiska/posts/2606859772677549?__xts__[0]=68.ARAzmQaTDyOAx1lo4qaaxDBmkqiJklwZmtyx_w5Hw9YVOZJ95dMyGZIDNh-MKyYnXt_cVtkyCdcrK2zmFo377CE9ICSno6r2VsOxltW-tYeJ-4DLXT5AGd0TbWaahx0ZAQJ_NDI_5s1g1qKItvsftUjbjg5LaYgnKrLctYBn5Au93RkmAqkWM-fyibzxKDrB1_lnpKtpShr-3r46ULhL45oZUNFsrE96h3vMohzsOt4JZOY6Fmk1did3fM0urxohsZ0oECUsuJ4jWqJftGbSvZYdfniZoi5WzzL9jQ1NqaCc1by7qZWhtzHeax6EEjBztYm3QFmmb7F-LT1P26PYRh9WaE8nO2Dh3Q&__tn__=-R

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Photos and more

If you want to see the videos, fotos and more, you can follow this links: Photos or also visit our social media https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17990451520122877/?hl=en https://www.facebook.com/groups/345845045963151/  

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The Disability Associations Federation (SAMEF) is Non-governmental organisation established in 2013 in Samsun. It has 10 Disability Organisations under its umbrella. SAMEF and these organisations…

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Association of the deaf and hard of hearing Nova Gradiška is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-partisan organization. The objective of the Association is to gather…

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What do you need to prepare to come to Alicante: Passport and visa Internacional insurance (or European Health Card)   And also bring: Together with…

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The Latvian Deaf Union (LNS) is the first successor of the Latvian Deaf Organization, the largest organization of deaf people in Latvia, founded on May…

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The activities will be from the 10th till 17th of December 2018. Arrival of the participants: 10th of December Departure of the participants: 17th of…

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The Federation of Deaf People of the Valencian Community (FESORD CV) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that was founded on August 26, 1978. It represents…

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