During the year 2021, our strategy consists of:

  • Youth exchange: developed in Alcossebre in easter-holidays (16-23/April/2022) with groups from Latvia and Poland, with teenagers aged 13-17. (See the posts here)
  • Youth workers mobility – Job Shadowing: developed in Hungary, during the 26-29th April 2022 where 2 youth workers form Spain have learned by observing the rural youth work in Holloko. (See post here)
  • Youth workers mobility – Partnership building event: developed in Moraira, during the 14-21th August 2022, where 20 youth workers from 6 different countries have been networking and planning future actions for their groups of youth. (See the posts here)

(Our activities for the year 2021 have been developed in the 2022 because of the delay in the signature of the contract with NA for the project)