PBA Project Laboratory: Youth Participation Projects

The Erasmus+ Programme seeks to promote youth participation, reinforcement of the quality of informal and non-formal learning processes and development of quality youth work. Further support in these areas is available through specific thematic strategies, such as Youth Participation Strategy, Youthpass and the European Training Strategy (ETS).

Erasmus+ Users Guide

Group1: Youth Parliament

Developing a Youth Parliament in the rural village to put together the youth from the different associations. In this «parliament», the different organsiation would send representatives to each event of hte project.

Topics for 3 events in the project: Sustainability, Sports, Mobility

The whole project can take up to 12 months, and in the end of each event there will be a presentation of conclusions of the debates. Politicians will be invited to each topic related to their departments.

Group2: Picture change perspectives

It’s a youth participation activitat around the topic of environment and more specific trash in the beach. There will be local activities like cleaning the beaches and collecting garbage to create exhibitions in the art gallery. The duration will be 3 months in the summer. 2 events will take place where debates about nature, recycling and enviromnent will happen with youth, companies and decision makers. The main goal will be to raise awareness about the issue of environmental protection.

Other topics related with sustainability like «online shopping» and the mass production of waste will be dealt. Housing and emancipation of youth in the rural areas will be part of the debates.

Group3: (Un)Employment

A project with the aim of exploring and decreasing the rate of unemployment among the youth. Dialogue with the local decision makers about the strategies to solve this problems, and also some local activities like workshops and trainings.

2 events with 50 people, together with 5 people from city council to happen in one weekend each. Including workshops on the first day about employability and also including panels with experiences from other entrepreneurs. Also debates and interviews with the city council in a way that allows the youth to express their ideas and the decision makers to hear from them. As a conclusion of the event, we will get a list of recommendations to deal with the problem of unemployment and steps to make for the future.

Group4: Youth in action

What can you do in your town when you are 15-17 years old?… The focus of the project will be the age of 15-17, to explore and offer different activities that can promote a healthy lifestyle and an active participation in the community.

6 meetings during a 18months project with local activities in between the meetings. Focused on enviromnemt, mental health, employment, food/health and physical activities. All through the time of the project, different local actions will take place to prepare and disseminate the results of the previous and next meeting. Participants will be grouped by ages (15’s, 16’s, 17’s) and different activities will take place for each age group. Politicians and decision makers will also take part in the events in order to interact and share with the youth about the future of the city.